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About Me

My passion for food sprouted in a small mountain town by the name of Pagosa Springs, CO which later blossomed into an abundant journey as I made my way to Denver to begin a three-year culinary arts apprenticeship. It has been my mission to experience every path the industry provided me. Trekking along paths to catering, independent restaurants, personal chef services, fine dining and more. Let me tell you, it was the hardest, most fulfilling hike I've ever experienced. Leading talented cooks as a Sous Chef, amongst multiple restaurants, including Sunday Vinyl in Denver and Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder. All the experience I gained and people I've met along the way gave me the drive to climb that mountain and create something of my own, Alpine Culinary.

I love the constant discovery, the endless creativity, cultural influences, and wild journey that is the culinary industry. My menus are a representation of my influences throughout my career as well as my own healthy and active lifestyle. Not only focusing on Colorado and what is locally provided, but also the European flavors I was surrounded by within my career. Developing my style as a chef in last 13 years has been such a fulfilling journey. I look forward to cooking for you! 

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